the arena of Nimes, built by the romans 2000 years ago

Marie-Sara Bourseiller fighting

the arena of Nimes at night

"Mit der Lizenz zum Töten"
Dokumentarfilm über Stierkämpfer und eine Stierkämpferin bei der Feria von Nimes, dem größten Volksfest Frankreichs mit Corridas in spanischer, portugiesischer und südfranzösischer Tradition.

Länge: 48 Minuten, 1991 gesendet in Premiere.

Aufnahmeformat: Beta SP

Regie und Kamera: Martin Baer

Buch: Martin Baer und Markus Wollwert

Ton: Markus Wollwert und Lucas Gierse

Musik: Bernhard Baumstark
kompletter Soundtrack für den Film hergestellt, keine Fremdmusiken

Schnitt: Guido Krajewski

Produktionsleitung: Carola Sayer

Auf den Hörnern des Stiers


Füße: Torero und Stier



"aficionados" in the streets of Nimes


After Seville, the "feria" in Nimes, in the south of France is the largest festival of bullfight in the Mediterranean. Bullfights take place daily in Nimes´ arena . Top Spanish matadors, mounted and novice matadors, novilleros take part. Public interest in this event is enormous and the arena, seating 16.000 is sold out for the whole period.

The streets of Nimes are filled with cultural activity: musicians from all over the world, flamenco dancers, theatre, art exibitions etc. In the evenings hundreds of bodegas open their doors and pastice flows freely.

In this film, we meet some of the protagonists of the spectacle, among them Marie-Sara Bourseiller, the only torera to appear in the larger arenas around the world, and the Spanish novillero Antonio Borrero Chamaco, at age eighteen young as many of his fans, who call him "Kamikaze-Kid" .. two of a few dozen licensed matadores ( spanish for "killers" ) to appear in one of only 31 French towns and cities where the animal protection law does not apply.

We follow them and thousands of aficionados through the streets of Nimes and into the ancient arena. We have the chance to watch and to question many of the people involved in the renaissance of a ritual which origins can be traced back as far as the history of that arena, a weathered ruin built by the Romans 2000 years ago.

Programm length: 48 Minutes BETA SP Stereo. Complete soundtrack composed and recorded for the film

a dead bull is removed from the arena


"Bullfighting is after all a forbidden product, a forbidden activity. The bull is killed in the arena. Killing is forbidden. So completely abnormal things happen in the arena."

leaving the arena


"In Shakespeare death is merely acted out on the stage. But in the arena death is always really present."

Camacho showing the bull`s ears to the public


"I dream of becoming rich and buying a beautiful estate. But the greatest of all will be when the people call me "Torero".




"We love it, as many people in so many countries love the art of bullfight, and we´re not bloodthirsty lunatics. However, I understand that the people in the North don´t like bullfighting; that´s simlpy a question of the cultural background."