"The East-West conflict is over. Peace in Europe has become more secure. But regional crises and conflicts carry new risks. Millions of people are suffering. The union of nations has to help. Germany is prepared to offer its share."

"A vanguard of the German military is getting ready for its expedition to Africa, with a protective wall against bandits and with a campfire. The new uniform is fit for service in the tropics."

"Everywhere, they waved to us in a friendly manner, and 'Germania' and similar shouting, it was really surprising."  

"The Germans are popular in Bosasso. The rescue of the Lufthansa airplane named 'Landshut' in Mogadisho is being told here as a heroic story."

"The day itself is a great day because the two German nations are engaging in a military action together for the first time down here. On such a day it is much emphasized that there is in fact such a thing as German unity."

"We have to try it. One has to approach such a matter with a positive attitude. When it fails one has lost."

"The new 'blue helmets' have established their own fitness center at the edge of the desert, in order to gain strength for their contribution to the mammoth task before the United Nations."             

"German?!" - "German?!" - "German?!" - "German?!" - "Nose!"  

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