"...Demons, gods,  
          apparently are not interested  
          that our twilight scenery  
          is hoping for cards  
          that were shuffled anew. 
          We are throwing up coins
          and are waiting
          that neither heads nor tails show
          So that again, nobody is guilty
          and everybody rests their conscience.
          Only a few degrees of latitude further south
          and then to the East
          a child is crying.
          And before this song is over
          is has starved to death,
          naked in the wind.
          Naked in the wind
          which is hollering and raging..."  

"Little Dediji from Africa enjoys eating his modest millet dish. In a moment the metal bowl will be empty."

"The shop has burned down. The donkey has run away. The airplane has come. They are practicing until everybody can do it."

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