"On my first visit to Mogadishu: what should one bring the General Abschir? And I remembered that, among others, we trained the staff musical conductor at the staff music corps in Bonn. And thus I brought him a record with Prussian military marches, as a gift."

"At present, Somalia is the only country with an ambassador from Bonn and one from East Berlin. Little differences: The officers of the West German military like to wear civilian, the general of the GDR is always in uniform."


"Then something terrible happened which necessitated the deployment of the inspectors of the air force. Members of our advisory group had played cards with members of the GDR advisory group."


"Moral cleanliness is the minimum in a foreign tour of duty. I will not tolerate this any longer, not with you and not with you, either. - Why not with me? - They are only waiting to find something to they can point to. They are only looking for excuses and we'll be out. And I hope it is clear to you who will then take over the professional training. - The French neo‑colonists. - No, the neo‑colonists from the Federal Republic."

"In November, the most recent delivery of trucks from the Russians who undoubtedly hope to gain influence over the revolutionary council, was not disturbed."             

Robert Hahn in Somalia

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