"The encounters with folklore, which can fully flourish only today, are diverse as well."

"Memories awaken. We relied in our building of the NVA [National People's Army] on the assistance of Soviet comrades. We, too, began with the legendary tank of World War Two, the T‑34. For the soldiers from Mosambique this tank the first step to a mastery of tank operation. The NVA [National People's Army], however, can today pass on the knowledge of the socialist military science."

"The German Democratic Republic did not hesitate for a moment in sending you arms and bread so that you can lead your struggle successfully."

"Of many countries of Africa, there is one: Somalia. Free Africa. A democratic republic like our country, but six times as big. Words, numbers. We want to show you what we saw, here in the south."

"Here, in the central quarter, the situation in the country is being discussed on a big map every morning. Among the instructors of the police numbering 4,000 men is a major from the German army with six sergeants. For four years the Federal Republic of Germany has been offering technical aid to the Somali police."

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