"Uncle Taro? When does a ship arrive from Rostock, uncle Taro? 
- What, you again? It's hard to tell exactly, Asina, maybe in 10 days. 
- My friend Kalli is bringing me something we cannot get here in Africa. 
What can it be?"

"A 'blue shirt' for Ibrahim, the tireless."

"Movies and television have long made Africa familiar. It's as it exists in our imagination but different, too, familiar and close, exciting and somber, when we see it with the eyes of a class brother."

"We are coming for them from the land of Marx and Engels. Maybe they think they are still alive. But would this be wrong?"

            "Sandman, dear Sandman,

            It is not yet time,

            on television

             the evening greetings,

            before every child has to go to bed.

            You surely still have time."

"Good morning.  How are you?"  

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