DR. KLAUS MARTENS, Federal Airforce, in Nigeria 1963

"The offer came from the Federal Ministry in 1963 when I was an air force physician in Oldenburg; the call came from the personnel officer of the Defense Ministry who surprised me with the question: 'Do you want to go to Nigeria?'

Back then, Nigeria was rich, or it seemed rich, because of the oil; and they wanted to build an air force there. What we did was basically to get the entire structure of an air force underway, to build it. You have to imagine: nothing exists. There is no technical equipment, there is no aviator equipment. There are no barracks, there are no furnishings for the barracks. There is no staff that could take care of the supplies and all of the buildings. There is no medical personnel, no technical personnel, nothing. They have yet to arrive and they have to be trained, too."

"We should have many more instructors. - Why? - Because the world needs hardworking men, those who can do their jobs,  who can take a lot."

Dr. Klaus Martens

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