ROBERT HAHN, from 1962 to 1967 in the federal ministry of defense

"By now I was in the Ministry of Defense, and my supervisor was transferred to America. He called me one day and said: 'Hahn, you have been given an assignment with the rank of a colonel.' This was very rare back then. I asked: 'What am I supposed to do as a colonel?' Answer: 'This doesn't matter, even if you have to train Eskimos in a desert war, it is a job as a colonel.'
And thus I found out that the name of the department was 'Defense-Industrial Relationships and Equipment Aid Africa, Asia and Australia.'

The accompanying officer was really cute: he looked like one of the Sarotti-Negroes, do you know them? I danced with his wife. She did not need developing aid, she was well developed."


"And this one? - This is Tanga. - Tanga good. - Tanga good man. - Ah, well, well. Alma, he should eat in the kitchen."


"My first client whom I had contact with: Nigeria. Nigeria paid for most of the material that was delivered, we covered the costs for training.

Shortly after I assumed my position, I and the Secretary of State, Marakubo or something like this, flew to Uelzen where Nigerians were being instructed in flying. Suddenly I was in an auditorium with about eighty Nigerians.
The first contact with blacks."

Robert Hahn

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