"The special airplane of the German President arrives on the airport of Conakry. As it gets ready for touchdown, the passengers don't yet know about the overwhelming welcome that the president of the Republic Guinea and its people will be displaying.

"The mayor of Gore welcomes Dr. Lbke in the name of its big and small citizens and leads him through the streets of his idyllic, small continent."

"People await early and happily the arrivals of the two presidents. The African does not like to wait for music and dancing. They announce important events; and it often so happens that the rhythm of the drums and legs reaches its climax just when the awaited guest arrives."

"On the Totoma [?]-farm of President Tubman, the German guests are getting a thorough impression of the incredible variety of Liberia's still vibrant African folklore."

"Below a poster of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the chief of Kuma, the population enters the stadium. In the stadium of Palim, Dr. Lbke becomes a chief of the Ewe tribe. 
'We have waited for 52 years; finally you are back,' shouts
an old man from Togo during the ceremony."

"How do you know German? - None of your business!"

"I can't believe it ... a Bavarian in the jungle! Where did you learn this?" 

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