"Once this revolution of the stone age warrior is over, mercy to the Congo,  mercy to all of Africa."

"We got out of Albertville, the temporary capital of the Congolese People's Republic as the regime is calling itself already, alive and unharmed. Perhaps you will find the following pictures very funny and carnival - like because of the masquerade, the warriors, the monkey skins and the artificial flowers. But we have seen the horror in the eyes of the few Europeans of Albertville, those hostages who are kept there, and who are being beaten and humiliated every day. This is especially the case when the number of drunks increases as the day progresses. They trust in the magic
powers of their medicine men, the Dauwa, that make them invulnerable."  

SIEGFRIED MÜLLER, "Kongo-Müller", 1965

"We are doing a hunter's hunt, a hunt for Negroes or something like this ... We are doing a great thing, no danger, everything is ok, it is only ... against the rebels."


"The warriors of Sumiyalo don't think much of guns and mortars. They trust in their spears and their pangas, possibly even their bats. Like wild animals, they are unpredictable. One moment they are fighting, the next they are laughing. They are always dangerous."

What`s happening on the other side of the mountains ... victims und heroes

Peter Scholl-Latour

Siegfried Müller

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